Hope: Our Anchor

What is the nature of our hope?  This question has plagued my mind and captured my heart over the last couple months. The Lord has set my heart upon figuring out what this word—hope—really means and how it fits as an integral part of the Christian life. Scripture is not quiet about the integration of hope in our […]

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The Problem of Plastic: Sustainable Ways to Live a Sustainable Life

Sustainable living doesn’t have to be hard. That’s the lesson we learned in my recent article about creation care and sustainable living. We saw how recycling can effectively change the health of the earth and that caring for creation intersects with a gospel-centered life. Today, let’s turn our attention to our use of plastic and discover […]

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The Social Gospel and Social Justice

***Adapted from my published piece at the Intersect Project on March 15, 2017. Find the link here: http://intersectproject.org/faith-and-culture/resolving-the-tension-between-salvation-and-social-justice/***   In recent years, evangelical Christians have increasingly taken steps to address issues of social justice. For example, we seek remedies for poverty, fight human trafficking and seek the end of abortion. As the church, we increasingly […]

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Everyday Justice

The summer before my freshman year of high school, I had a sleepover that I would never forget. During that sleepover with my two best friends we could not shake off the burden the LORD had placed in us to do something about the problem of sex trafficking. We had repeatedly heard about this issue […]

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